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image Worship at First Presbyterian Ash Wednesday February 10
Palm Sunday March 20
Monday Thursday March 24
Easter Sunday March 27
Worship/Special Events
image Serve with First Presbyterian
Dollar Dinners
January 17
February 21
March 13
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image Learn with First Presbyterian Men's Mondays - 7:30am Learn/Adult Forums
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SUNDAYS @ 8:45AM---WISDOM 101:WHAT IS THE TRUTH---FROM CONFUCIUS TO THE KORAN, WE WILL LEAVE NO SPIRITUAL STONE UNTURNED IN OUR QUEST. Beginning May 1, this group will study the text "The Wisdom of the Ages" by Dr. Wayne Dyer.

SUNDAYS @ 11:30AM -- SPACE FOR GOD:THE STUDY AND PRACTICE OF PRAYER AND SPIRITUALITY by Don Postema. We meet to discuss our prayer lives, and learn and share new ways of looking at our spiritual practices, to culture an attitude of gratitude.


May is the month for the Presbyterian Women Birthday Offering. We answer the call to show Jesus' love to the world by supporting projects relating to health, education, economic development and the needs of women and children. Envelopes will be available in the pews to accept your contributions to this worthy cause.(STILL TIME TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE WITH YOUR CONTRIBUTION)



P.E.O. Chapter Summer Bus Trip to The Merry Go Round Theater presentation of "Oklahoma!", followed by a dinner cruise on Skaneateles Lake is coming soon. Check for more information at www.watertownevents.com or speak to Carolyn Osborne.