A funeral or memorial service at our church is a Christian witness to the resurrection. The death of a loved one brings a paradox in feelings of both sorrow and joy for Christians. Sorrow comes from our feelings of deep personal loss when the presence of our loved one has been removed from our lives. However, we also feel joy knowing that our loved one has gone on to a place prepared for the children of God. Therefore, it is appropriate that the worship service of Christian Witness to the Resurrection should reflect both of these emotions, by praising God for the hope found in the Gospel and offering consolation to the living for their sense of loss.

Christians live in a community of faith, therefore the church shares in both joys and sorrows of its members. One of the ministers should be notified of a member's death as soon as possible. The minister can lend support to the bereaved, assist with the grief process and affirm God's ever present help throughout. If the ministers are not available, the Clerk of Session can serve until a minister arrives.

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