Philosophy of Missions

First Presbyterian Church supports a wide variety of mission and outreach projects, both local and global in scope. While our church help provides funds for numerous missions we believe it is important to follow these three principles: 1.) Send yourself not a check, 2.) Allow yourself to be stretched to see where Christ is in your life, and 3.) Friendship is key. 


Ministry Grants

The Outreach Council and the Session would like to support innovative ministries in the Presbytery of Northern New York. The hope is that these funds can get the creative juices flowing within our congregations with the goal of sharing our faith with everyone. Applications can be mailed or emailed to the church.



Local and Regional 

In Watertown, we have a vital relationship with the Watertown Urban Mission. Together we offer Dollar Dinners at the church, participate in food, clothing, school supply and funding drives, as well as volunteer on a regular basis in the food pantry and thrift store.

Around North America our members have gone to Mexico, New Orleans, and many other places in order to grow spiritually, connect with others, and serve those who were impacted by major economic or natural disasters. Whether we are building homes or connecting to God in the wilderness we are ready!

(Click the link below to learn more about local projects.)

Global Missions

In the last ten years, our long term friendship with the "warm heart of Africa" built a school, established a non-profit, funded two new Presbyterian missionaries, earned a Presbyterian Women Thank Offering grant for a literacy project, built shallow wells and enjoyed the blessing of a 15 member choir who toured the North Country for a month.

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Mission Endowments

Our church is fortunate to have endowment funds, which are restricted to use for mission purposes. The amount of money available varies annually based on market returns and management activity, but that doesn't stop us from wanting to serve as the hands and feet of God.